Child Support

Child Support Las Vegas is set by statute and is dependent on the custodial arrangement. Once custody is determined a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s gross monthly income will determine child support. In joint physical custody arrangements, child support will be based on both parents’ gross monthly income.


Las Vegas, Nevada families facing divorce are often facing financial issues and many parents’ first question in a divorce with children are often, “How much child support will I receive”, or “How much child support will I have to pay?”

Child Support Las Vegas Calculator

Child support Las Vegas laws are governed by NRS 125B Obligations of Support. There is no one size fits all calculator that will determine what a custodial parent will receive or how much a non-custodial parent will be required to pay. The Court will determine child support payments based on guidelines set forth by NRS 125B.070 and then consider additional factors when calculating child support payments.

Nevada Child Support Formula for Calculation

Child support is based on a parents “gross monthly income”, that is the amount of income from any source with the exception of self-employed. (Self employed parents may deduct legitimate business expenses only).

Obligations for Child Support Las Vegas Formula

Nevada Family Court will use the following schedule once gross monthly income has been established for guidelines when considering child support payments.

  • Child support for one (1) child, 18%
  • Child support for two (2) children, 25%
  • Child support for three (3) children, 29%
  • Child support for four (4) children, 31%
  • Child support for each additional child, 2% per child

Child support payments will be a stated dollar amount according to the percentages.  If a parent has no income, then child support will be set at the presumptive minimum of $100 per month per child.  There are also presumptive maximums, set by the Nevada Supreme Court, which are dependent on a parent’s gross monthly income.  Child support payments based on the parent’s gross monthly income may increase based on the Consumer Price Index.  The Count may also deviate from the statutory amounts base on the considerations addressed in NRS 125B.080

Child Support Formula Deviation

In some cases a host of deviations may occur when considering child support payments. If the parents do not agree with the formula they must provide the Court with sufficient facts to justify a deviation.

Causes for Deviation:

  • Unemployed or unemployable parent
  • Cost of Child Care
  • Cost of Healthcare
  • Special educational needs
  • Age of the child
  • Value of services contributed by either parent
  • Public assistance paid to support the child
  • Legal responsibility of the parents for the support of others
  • Expenses related to pregnancy
  • Cost of Transportation if custodial parent moves away from the jurisdiction of the court
  • Amount of time the child spends with each parent
  • Necessary expenses for the benefit of the child

Divorce, child support, alimony and child custody cases are as different as each family.  However, in Las Vegas the Family Court shall determine final outcome of all child support cases.  The James M. Davis Law Office recommends parents facing divorce or custody disputes seek legal guidance for a complete understanding of child support laws governing Nevada.