Domestic Partnership Nevada

Domestic Partnership Nevada

When you are in a relationship but do not want to get married or can’t due to legal restrictions you are able to register as domestic partnership in Nevada. In Nevada, unlike in most States that provide for Domestic Partnerships, this option is available to couples of the same or opposite sex.  It is a similar agreement to being married but it does not bring with it the same legal rights and is not always recognized by all governing bodies.

Domestic Partnership NevadaIn the United States of America, domestic partnership is a city-, county-, state-, or employer-recognized status that may be available to same-sex couples and, opposite-sex couples. Although similar to marriage, a domestic partnership does not confer any of the 1,138 rights afforded to married couples by the federal government. Domestic partnerships in the United States are determined by each state or local jurisdiction, so there is no nationwide consistency on the rights, responsibilities, and benefits accorded domestic partners.

Domestic partnership is a relatively new concept in the United States. As a result, new court decisions are sculpting the law with respect to adoptions, child custody, visitation, paternity/maternity, and of course, dissolution (i.e. divorce). In Nevada, domestic relation law is continually changing; the new domestic partnership statute adds an entirely new twist to various family law concepts. Jim has lectured and conducted nearly 75 seminars in the past two years regarding the rights and responsibilities associated with Domestic partnerships.

Because there is a constant change in the laws in the State of Nevada you will need to hire a lawyer who has the experience and keeps on top of the changes as they come in so can give you any advice on such changes are write up relevant forms to ensure you are always covered legally.

One example would be hospitals, if they require permission regarding treatment they would usually contact your next of kin. Next of kin is recognized if you are blood related, adopted or married.  If you are registered as Domestic Partners, Nevada Hospitals will recognize your relationship and allow your partner to make treatment decisions for you.  However, if you are in a Hospital in another State, that State/Hospital may not recognize the Partnership.  To ensure your wishes are kept, Jim can provide you with legal documents to enable your domestic partner to make decisions on your behalf in the event that you are unable to.

If you are considering entering a Domestic Partnership, contact Jim to find out what your rights are and what they are not.




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